ROXY MUSIC – ” Roxy Music ” 1972 Debut Reissued 45th Anniversary Box Set —Via The Fat Angel Sings


Demos • Outtakes • Peel Sessions • Steven Wilson 5.1 mix • Expensive 500-only of the super deluxe with Bryan Ferry SIGNED print After years of hints, rumours and speculation, Universal Music have announced today that Roxy Music‘s eponymous 1972 debut album will be reissued as 3CD+DVD super deluxe edition in February 2018. This four-disc anniversary set consists of […]

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Review: Postcards From The Caravan-Aindre Reece-Sheerin


Channel islands based Aindre, proves on this new release what “versatile” is all about, eclectic would be another description! For example Blues is well represented with “Bar Blues” and “For Your Love”, while Country gets a major nod with “Country Girl” . Aindre manages to adapt his style well to the genres although some work better than others.

The project was inspired by people whom Aindre “had the privilege to know and love and some whom I have lost through major life challenges”, contact was made and the rest , as they say is history!


As well as the music, a special mention needs to go the artwork that accompanies the CD, it is truly breath taking and is worth the price of emission on its own!

Airdrie who  returned to singing after a motorcycle accident, quotes the album as ‘a truly amazing experience’. For me, the project was an enjoyable collection that demands repeated playing to discover all the treasures contained within it!

Postcards From The Caravan was my Featured Album on my Jukebox show in November 2017.




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The Rolling Stones discography : Part Two – The 70’s

As Virgins and Philistines is an ambitious blog which does not fear to climb the highest cliff, please be welcome to this new post, part of our “record by record” series. The great UK magazine Mojo recently published a long and fascinating article about the Rolling Stones in the 70’s and it made me want […]

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The Rolling Stones discography : Part One – The 60’s

Five years ago, I started an ambitious task: review and rate all The Rolling Stones‘ studio LP’s. Not that huge a burden actually as there are not so many of them despite a career above fifty-five years now. I started with the 70’s… but forgot a bit about this review for the other decades. Their […]

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The JAM – ” All Mod Cons ” Released 36 years ago in November 1978 — The Fat Angel Sings


All Mod Cons, released to wide acclaim in 1978, firmly cemented the group’s rise to extraordinary heights. Indeed, for many it was the first essential Jam album and listening to it now its impact has not diminished over time.” When I think about English records I think of The Kinks’ The Village Green Preservation Society, […]

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Celebrate In The Sunshine-Jerry Hull Album Review


It has been my privilege to feature Jerry’s music on my Jukebox show on several occasions, so the prospect of a new album from one of the hardest working men in music is both an exciting and intriguing idea!

Jerry has always been a master of story telling in song, and just a casual listen to the album will introduce you to a pilot (“Tally Ho Missus Bigglesworth”), “Buffalo Man” and an “Internet Radio Star”. In addition there is a nod to Halloween (“The Witching Hour”) and the title track which encourages the listener to “Enjoy The Sunshine” in these challenging times that we live in.

I particularly enjoyed the production, which has certainly moved on since the previous release, although I did find the reliance on sound effects a little ‘over the top’ at times. However, Jerry remains the master pianist, who continues to remind me of Elton John in his 70s glory days!

This is an enjoyable album which deserves exposure to a wilder audience, especially those who enjoy a slight retro sound!



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Top 10 Best Duran Duran Songs? Songs and Reviews (Drews Reviews)

abc790b18e88829017d8e4149ea9291cMy first memory of Duran Duran comes from, I believe, the fourth-grade. Two female classmates rather confidently told me about a new band that was bigger and better than Rush. I don’t remember my reaction but only part of their prophecy proved true (at least for me) and it didn’t last long. The hype exploded […]

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